Savvy Feeder: Hay Slow Feeder

Free feed hay to your horse anywhere you go! Take a Savvy Feeder with you to a show, trail ride, clinic, etc. to allow for restricted, yet continuous, forage access. Use it at home in the stall, paddock, dry lot, or turnout. Feed your horse on the go at the hitching post, at your trailer, inside portable panels, or under the picket line — no attachment to a sturdy object is needed!

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Savvy Bedding: COMING SOON!!!

Animal bedding is a major cost center for any operation. Survey data shows the average material cost per week per stall (12 x 12) after switching to chopped straw bedding dropped by 20%, and for many, much higher. The reason is that this bedding is so absorbent, muckers can easily remove concentrated areas without much loss of fresh material...

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Jen riding her Absolute Dream at the USEF Festival of Champions

The Savvy Story

Used By USDF Gold Medalist and USDF Diamond Achievement Award Winner, Jen Truett

Dressage trainer and FEI rider Jen Truett, of Lebanon, Ohio, searched for years to find a slow hay feeder that encouraged natural foraging behavior in horses and cut down on wasted hay. Her FEI horse, Absolute Dream (aka “Dreamy”), spreads hay around his stall and dunks it into his water bucket, making a mess every day. Jen never liked how frustrated he got eating from hanging hay nets or how they torqued his neck and made him muscle sore. After he got cast in his paddock and injured his neck, she scoured the internet to find a ground-level hay feeder that wouldn't further strain his neck and was safe for shod horses.