Grate Sizes

How to Choose a Grate Size

Unlike hay nets, with a slow hay feeder, choose a grate size based on your hay type, not on how much you want to slow down consumption. Soaked hay typically requires a larger grate size.

Tip: When in doubt, go with the larger grate size. Your horse will adjust more easily than if they’re frustrated by a grate that’s too small.


For Fine & Chopped Hay

2.25" x 5" size openings for super fine grass hay such as Coastal Bermuda, Teff, early brome, chopped and bagged forage, extremely fine alfalfa and fine hay that is conditioned. Not for soaked hay.


For Most Cool-Season Hay

Our original grate size with 2.75" x 6" size openings for most cool-season grass hays such as Timothy and Orchard and some finer grass alfalfa mix hay. Not for thick, stemmy or coarse hay.


For Coarse & Long-Strand Hay

3.25" x 6" size openings for alfalfa and alfalfa mixes. (Due to the leaves on the alfalfa, these types of hay can compact very easily and a large grate is recommended; especially when starting a horse on the Savvy Feeder). Also use a large grate for other stemmy hay such as peanut, and long-stranded hay from a large round bale. The large grate is beneficial for older horses who have difficulty grasping hay.